Swiss is not a written language. More precise, it represents a variety of spoken Dialects.

When you are 7 years old you learn High-German at school. It does not always fit easily around the tongue and constructing sentences, I often felt like standing in front of a maze.

Later, as a teenager, you make sure not to sound too German when you have to speak in class,  to avoid sounding pretentious. You hear your clumsy accent and feel slightly guilty for the abrasion to Goethes beautiful Words that you're reading out aloud . But you insist.

Now, after having lived abroad for over half of my life, all my conversations are tinted with an accent. Even when I return home, people detect something foreign.

I am a Foreigner.

Using language as a foreigner, you make some brilliant mistakes. In my first year in England  ".... I went to the gobblers to impregnate* my shoes "; or ".... "I got stuck in a vicious circus!"

.....being a foreigner, you have the right to use your mistakes if you think them appropriate; I will keep the latter mistake. Being stuck in an arena with Joker like clowns, frantically juggling their grotesque smiles while some green eyed muscleman spits fire, making you jump through pink feathered loops.... now that is one hell of a vicious circle to be stuck in.
The most recent discovery of a mistake I made the other day: for 25 years I've been saying 'pre-emptied' instead of pre-empted. 

As a foreigner, you also try to improve. 

Over the last couple of years, I've been collecting words that I've never heard before, or words that I've never used myself. 

*impregnieren=to waterproof


My Word of this month is:



  1. talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling; garrulous

  2. characterized by excessive talk; wordy:


- a loquacious dinner guest.

- easily the most loquacious play of the season.

words so far were:

Peripatetic, Scathingly, Litotes, Liminal, Proxy, Fecund, Comatose, Pontificate, Agelast, Discombobulate, Sesquipedalian, Solecism, Abderian, Salient, Confabulating, Frugal, Quale, Flail, Estrus, Peccadillo, Rut, Salubrious, Nepotism, Cantankerous , Fleered, Pertaining, Guffaw, Agog, Almanac, Alacrity, Versimilitude, Akrasia, Pugnacious, Quagmire