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Press Quotes


“…Stefanie Mueller’s wicked stepmother – splendidly extravagant

designer Mueller, moonlighting from her scene-stealing role as the Queen

(The Stage )

"...Unexpectedly, though, it’s Stefanie Mueller’s wonderfully complex Wicked Stepmother who provides the story’s heart, humanising the homicidally vain aristocrat with a real sense of emotional frailty. " ****
(Snow White; The Stage)

“The set – also by Mueller – is simple but effective …. a richly realised, storybook world.” ****

(Snow White; The Stage)

"... infectious"  Beautilully touching ****

(Prelude to a Coat; The Reviews Hub; Brighton fringe)

“…Erna (magnificently played by Stefanie Mueller)… " 
(Homeland Fox21; S5E11/12;  Variety)


"Stefanie Mueller fizzes with stage presence..."

(Around the world in 80 Days, The Stage)

'Steffi Mueller is showstoppingly good..  The design is full of playful invention and imagination...'

(Around the World in 80 days; Tobacco Factory in Bristol 24/7 )


Stefanie Mueller's frantic Frenchman, Passepartout - a winning comedy sidekick with a fabulous moustache. The humour is pitched just right: smart, sometimes silly ... and with a hint of Buster Keaton at times."

(Around the The World in 80 days, Cambridge Edition)


"Stefanie Mueller's Passepartout was hilarious .... Stefanie's ingenious set..."

(Around the World in 80 days, Grapevine)


"Passepartout, played by Stefanie Mueller, steals the show."

(Around the World in 80 days; Local Secrets )


"Mueller plays the comic Passepartout with such enthusiasm and eloquence. Her energy bounces off the restraint of Bonger and highlights both of their phenomenal talents."

(Around the World in 80 Days; The Public Review )


"The costumes are enviably wrought (you will want a pocketwatch and a top hat immediately), and visually the set is stunning, transforming and morphing before your eyes into a kaleidoscope of countries and modes of transportation.
Stefanie Mueller's Passepartout, Fogg's loyal manservant, absolutely steals the show..."

(Around The World in 80 Days; Cambridge News)


Playful and heartbreaking ... charm oozing from every pore"

(Hansel & Gretel, NIE for the Tobacco Factory, Lyn Gardner Guardian )


Stefanie Mueller, gets under the skin of a fearful and wide-eyed four year old and plays her without affectation, a rare gift.

….Mueller also has an artistic genius for styling, doubling as the show’s designer”

(Hansel & Gretel, NIE for the Tobacco Factory, Venue Bristol )


Stefanie Muller’s ‘Prelude to a Coat’, was a more joyful affair. Always a consummate performer, her one-woman show fizzed with ideas and delight…”

(Mike Levy localsecrets)


Stefanie Mueller’s designs are gorgeous

(Review of The Doubtful Guest, The Scotsman)


“… skill, Panache and masterful grasp of dialoguesupremely talented… the best performers of the festival.”

(Review for Correspondence, Three weeks, Edinburgh Fringe)


 “Beautiful… outstanding performance

(Review for Correspondence, Observer)


The real star of the show is Stefanie Mueller’s set

(Review of The Impostor, The Stage)


Best of all is Stefanie Mueller, hysterical in both senses, as spoilt Anna, and hideous as Edward’s mother, staggering about the stage, wielding her two sticks like a gigantic tarantula.”

(Review of The Impostor, BBC)


“The setting was a perfect backdrop for this incisive exploration of hypocrisy and deceit...

 For sheer versatility, however, plaudits to Stefanie Mueller for her dual role as stick-wielding granny and a young girl…”.”

(Review of The Impostor, South Wales News)


Stefanie Mueller’s superb design

(Review of My Uncle Arly, The Stage)

“…Stefanie Mueller steals much of the show with a portrayal full of emotional complexity, casual amorality and hysterically funny audience-involving deliberations.”

(The British Theatre Review; Claire Hayes)

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